Joomla Website Design

What is Joomla?

One of the most common content management systems in the world everyone should consider is called: "Joomla". Every small or large web design company knows this 'CMS' as it is based on basic PHP and offers thousands of pre-existing plug-ins and extensions that save both, the client and the website developer a lot of time and money.joomla developer australia

Website Development

Joomla can be used for any kind of website; It's great for simple text/image-based trades website like plumbing, mechanics, lawyers, copywriters and so on, but it can get as advanced as a hotel booking, skip bin hires, daily deals or ir can even become to a web directory like craigslist or gumtree.

Virtuemart vs. Magento

If you are looking to build an ecommerce (online shop) website, then yes, it is possible to use Joomla with ecommerce plugins like "virtuemart", however, there are much more professional content management systems for ecommerce and the one we recommend is called: "Magento". For clients that want a very simple shop with lower demands we can and do use sometmes Joomla+ Virtuemart or even Prestashop.

You can read more about ecommerce CMS's on our e-commerce web design page.


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