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Another Web Design Company in Sydney...?

Every year there are hundreds of new web design companies and web design entrepreneurs that start-up ANOTHER web design company in New South Wales, especially in Sydney. It makes the choice even harder for you, the end client to find and chose the right web designer, whether you live in Sydney or not. Most people that search on Google for "Web Design Sydney" are not necessarily Sydney residents. We get people all the time from Brisbane, Melbourne and all the way from Perth seeking web design and SEO quotes from us. 

Choosing the Right Sydney Web Designer

No matter how many web designers there are in Sydney or in Australia, the filtration system called "Google" can help you find the right web design company. Namely: on Google page 1. This is where you should be looking to see which of all these thousands of companies actually understand Google ranks, also known as SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). When you engage a web designer in Sydney or elsewhere, you don't just look at the pretty designs on the portfolio. You should put more emphasis in finding a good mix of a good designer, but of a better SEO expert, that ranks with his web design business for terms like "web design" right? The websites on the very top of Google with the pink background and the ones on the right hand side are sponsored Google results and they don't count if you understand this article so-far. It's not a skill to pay Google to pay #1, so this is not what you should be looking for. The web designers in Sydney that rank in the white so-called "organic Google results" are the websites that had to out-rank thousands of other websites to be on page 1 with a lot of hard work and SEO skills.

Get in touch if you have found us today on Google for "web design sydney" or even "web design" (important: notice terms that have a high search volume; unlike "Bob's web design" or "Mary's web design" which have a very low or non existing search volume when a name or brand is included in the search)

web design companies in Sydney

Content Management Systems

Do-It-Yourself Web Design

CMS, or Content Management System, is another word for website software "out-of-the-box" that you can manage the content later without going into the html code. Back in the day websites used to be made custom as single html pages that only a coder could make changes to these pages using an html editor like Adobe Dreamweaver.content management systems

Those so-called "static" html websites are not very friendly these days anymore. They are not search engine friendly, they don't look the same on different devices such as smart phones pads, and all the different browsers. You need to pay a coder each time for the smallest even text changes unless you learn basic html.

Not only do static html websites have all these mentioned negative aspects, but you also have to pay more to get less because it takes a web developer a lot more time and work to start a website absolutely from scratch, including the menus, the tables, header, footer, contact form and every single page. All these website elements and functions need to be coded custom from nothing on a white page. Therefore it is a very bad idea to accept a quote from any "old-school" web designer or web design company that are not planning to use CMS. One of the most famous open source CMS's are Joomla & Wordpress. Click on these links to learn more about these two website systems.

Open Source Website Code

The second important factor is making sure that you won't lock yourself into a lifetime contract by using some web design company's own "in-house" CMS. If your website would be built on a CMS that belong to one company, then you can never go to any other company for help. Therefore you need to make sure that the CMS the company will be using is based on a so-called "open source" code, that is free for everyone to use and doesn't belong to any commercial entity. At Designer Form Websites we only use open source CMS's.

If you want to to learn want to know how to choose a web design company that will not try and lock you in, but still have the freedom of a CMS with no contract, and no monthly fees, then you should read this article: Web Design Australia

Wordpress vs. Joomla

Compare CMS: Go with Easy or Stability?

Besides Joomla, the second most popular CMS (Content Management System) is called "Wordpress". Wordpress originally was designed for blogging and done in a way that any child could Administer the website.joomla vs wordpress

Today many business websites are based on Wordpress and you wouldn't even know the difference between a Joomla to a Wprdpress site from the front-end. However if your website is more than just "text-based" information pages, and you require more advanced functions like a hotel booking system or a doctors appointment system, then we stongly suggest to use the more sophisticated Joomla CMS.

Wordpress is cute and much nicer to use from the back-end and loads very fast and is search engine friendly, but we prefer to call it a blog software that has to be "tamed" to become a website, whereas Joomla is already a website.

Speak to us today if you want to understand this comparison better and we can figure out together if Wordpress is enough for you or if you are better off with "the tank": Joomla

E-commerce Web Design

Online Shopping Cart Development

So you want to sell your products online? I hope you have thought this through very thoroughly. Please take 5 minutes to read this page to get some proper understanding of what challenges you are about to face:ecommerce domain

Online Shops create a nice income stream and work from home if you really put time and effort into your e-commerce website. Before contacting a website design company, you need to have everything ready. The web designer will be asking you for all your product images ad you need to have all product information readily available before the web designing even starts. The web designer will not know the product titles, descriptions, prices, shipping costs, nor will he be able to help you find an image for each product. Therefore you can see that if you are planning to start-up an online shop, you need to put a lot of preparation in it, otherwise the website will still be unfinished after 1 year. The more products you are planning to have in your web-catalog, the more work is involved.

I recommend that you start with adding 50 - 100 products to your website and later add new items one by one individually as you source something new and  make a new photo shot or get access to the image.

E-commerce Website Elements

The price for an e-commerce can vary from $1000- $5000 and that all depends on the following:

  1. What shipping methods you want? This is one of the most difficult tasks you will have to go through. You don't have to do it alone. We can help you find the best solution. Let me illustrate why this is pretty tricky n a nutshell: The more time and money you invest into this area, the happier your clients will be later. If you are lazy or you want to save money on this part and just offer a flat rate shipping price (e.g. free shipping Australia wide for orders above $150 or $15 shipping for anything anywhere) then you will rather be upsetting many customers. For some customers that live in the same city your business is located, the shipping will be too expensive, and if you offer free shipping then you might have a loss of profit if some orders come from Perth or Darwin or somewhere outback. Therefore there is only 1 good solution for shipping, and that's a custom calculator that can calculate by post code and weight. Australia Post is not the cheapest solution so you will also have to explore other courier options in advance and find the one that is cheap and suits your business the most. Then you will have to ask your web designer to develop a custom calculator according to your couriers price list (that you have already on a spreadsheet ready per postcode/weight class), and you also have to know the weight for all your products...sounds difficult? Well it is! but this is a one time job and once your website is ready, you never have to go through all this again and it ill pay off.
  2. What payment methods will you offer? Just PayPal? Well that sure is the cheapest way but not really the best impression for your business. However if you only have a very small budget then PayPal will have to do the job until you can afford to grow a bit more. In saying that, if you only have a small budget, how will you advertise this website, and how will it ever start making daily sales? So you better call and talk to us free of charge, and later think this through before taking the next step.

E-commerce Content Management Systems

The systems we use, just like with all other non-ecomerce website are open source codes that you own after we deliver the website to you. The CMS's (Content Management Systems) we use mostly are: Magento (Magento CMS is our favorite and one of the world leading e-commerce systems), Prestashop, Opencart, Zencart, and Virtuemart. There are no monthly fees, no binding contracts and the code and design are fully in your ownership with no smoking mirrors.

Many web design companies you will ask for a website quote might offer you much cheaper website price than us, but beware! This is where most people get trapped into monthly maintenance fees and/or will never own their website source code; meaning that they can never just change to a different website company, plus they must pay for a lifetime e.g. $25-$50 per month for the website. Another downside of this will be that if extra functions are needed down the track, that the cost of adding simple added functions will be charged at extremely high prices and you can't go comparing these prices with another company anymore because you have locked yourself down to 1 company forever and now they can charge you whatever they feel like. So beware not to fall for those super-cheap website offers. They can; no, they WILL become after 5 years a very expensive price for a simple online shop that seemed so cheap to start off with. This miscalculation and a quick acceptance for misleading cheap offers is caused due to inexperience and lack of research (such as reading an informative web page like this).

Web Design

Web Design Services: Why are we different?

What is "Web design"? How much should a website cost you? Where do you start? web design explainedMany questions to starting up a website that nobody can get around. The process can be easy if you have the right person to assist you along the way.

Just to give you a brief summary of what you should know, here are a few key elements you should be aware of before choosing a web design company:

Fist of all you need to know: What is a "CMS". It stands for: Content Management System. Most companies will offer you this "CMS" which will allow you as the end-user to login to the website back-end and make changes to your pages, add new pages, upload images, and change content; therefore it's a content management system. Allowing you, a non-programmer, to extend your website without having to study html coding or have any advanced IT knowledge. Creating a new web page is as easy as creating a word document. or if your CMS is for a shop or we call it "e-commerce cms" then you can add new products, change shipping prices, update payment methods and everything else can be done without "coding".

Content Management Systems

So now that you know that you want a CMS, you need to know the difference between one CMS to another. The most important thing for you to know is this: you don't want to lock yourself down to a CMS that belongs to 1 small company. Many companies' business strategy will be to buid your website on their own self-made/in-house CMS. What happens then? Well most of them will charge you monthly for it and even if they don't you can't ever change to another company if something ever happens. You have "married" this company and rely on them to come up with new updates every year to ensure your website is secure against hackers or to ensure that your website is "cross browser and cross-system compatible; meaning that your website will still look good on futuristic mobile devises like iPads, smart phones and whatever might come on the market next year. 

So to conclude: signing up with a company that offer their own CMS is a bad idea and a lifetime contract. You will never own the code and if you ever decide to leave this company, then there goes all your investment and effort down the drain and you can start all over again.

Which CMS should you choose then? There are many so-called "open source" CMS's out there that do not belong to anyone but the owner f the website: YOU. Some famous names are Joomla, Wordpress or drupal, or if you are after a e-commerce website (online shop) then the most famous CMS's are: Magento, Prestashop, Zencart, Opencart and many more. If your web designer offers you a website on one of these CMS's then its really worth paying the few dollars extra for the freedom. You will notice that any company offering you a Cheap $500 website do so to lock you (I prefer to call it: "trick you") in to using their in-house CMS. Its a trap! One you can't escape anymore.


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