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CMS, or Content Management System, is another word for website software "out-of-the-box" that you can manage the content later without going into the html code. Back in the day websites used to be made custom as single html pages that only a coder could make changes to these pages using an html editor like Adobe Dreamweaver.content management systems

Those so-called "static" html websites are not very friendly these days anymore. They are not search engine friendly, they don't look the same on different devices such as smart phones pads, and all the different browsers. You need to pay a coder each time for the smallest even text changes unless you learn basic html.

Not only do static html websites have all these mentioned negative aspects, but you also have to pay more to get less because it takes a web developer a lot more time and work to start a website absolutely from scratch, including the menus, the tables, header, footer, contact form and every single page. All these website elements and functions need to be coded custom from nothing on a white page. Therefore it is a very bad idea to accept a quote from any "old-school" web designer or web design company that are not planning to use CMS. One of the most famous open source CMS's are Joomla & Wordpress. Click on these links to learn more about these two website systems.

Open Source Website Code

The second important factor is making sure that you won't lock yourself into a lifetime contract by using some web design company's own "in-house" CMS. If your website would be built on a CMS that belong to one company, then you can never go to any other company for help. Therefore you need to make sure that the CMS the company will be using is based on a so-called "open source" code, that is free for everyone to use and doesn't belong to any commercial entity. At Designer Form Websites we only use open source CMS's.

If you want to to learn want to know how to choose a web design company that will not try and lock you in, but still have the freedom of a CMS with no contract, and no monthly fees, then you should read this article: Web Design Australia


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