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Web Design Services: Why are we different?

What is "Web design"? How much should a website cost you? Where do you start? web design explainedMany questions to starting up a website that nobody can get around. The process can be easy if you have the right person to assist you along the way.

Just to give you a brief summary of what you should know, here are a few key elements you should be aware of before choosing a web design company:

Fist of all you need to know: What is a "CMS". It stands for: Content Management System. Most companies will offer you this "CMS" which will allow you as the end-user to login to the website back-end and make changes to your pages, add new pages, upload images, and change content; therefore it's a content management system. Allowing you, a non-programmer, to extend your website without having to study html coding or have any advanced IT knowledge. Creating a new web page is as easy as creating a word document. or if your CMS is for a shop or we call it "e-commerce cms" then you can add new products, change shipping prices, update payment methods and everything else can be done without "coding".

Content Management Systems

So now that you know that you want a CMS, you need to know the difference between one CMS to another. The most important thing for you to know is this: you don't want to lock yourself down to a CMS that belongs to 1 small company. Many companies' business strategy will be to buid your website on their own self-made/in-house CMS. What happens then? Well most of them will charge you monthly for it and even if they don't you can't ever change to another company if something ever happens. You have "married" this company and rely on them to come up with new updates every year to ensure your website is secure against hackers or to ensure that your website is "cross browser and cross-system compatible; meaning that your website will still look good on futuristic mobile devises like iPads, smart phones and whatever might come on the market next year. 

So to conclude: signing up with a company that offer their own CMS is a bad idea and a lifetime contract. You will never own the code and if you ever decide to leave this company, then there goes all your investment and effort down the drain and you can start all over again.

Which CMS should you choose then? There are many so-called "open source" CMS's out there that do not belong to anyone but the owner f the website: YOU. Some famous names are Joomla, Wordpress or drupal, or if you are after a e-commerce website (online shop) then the most famous CMS's are: Magento, Prestashop, Zencart, Opencart and many more. If your web designer offers you a website on one of these CMS's then its really worth paying the few dollars extra for the freedom. You will notice that any company offering you a Cheap $500 website do so to lock you (I prefer to call it: "trick you") in to using their in-house CMS. Its a trap! One you can't escape anymore.



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