On-Page SEO

Keywords, Description, Titles & URL's

We often talk to clients about Searcn Engine Optimisation (SEO) and 1 out of 5 clients think they totally understand SEO and can do it alone. These people still think that modifying keywords on their website and in the code (meta keywords, meta description and meta on-page SEO factorstitles) is all it takes to be on page 1 in Google. We often have to secretly giggle about this outdated thinking and educate these individuals about the reality of getting onto page 1 in Google.com.au or Google.co.nz.

Good "Keyword Density"

Before engaging an SEO company for link building, there is a lot of SEO you could DIY from your CMS administration and save some money.

The key of good on-page SEO is the so-called "density" of the relevant keywords that you are targeting. Density is a mathematical term for the percentage of something that is relative to the total.

We want to make sure you have a good mix of your target keywords that are relative to the rest of all the content.  Having too many SEO keywords on 1 page is not good and considered "spam" or Google also calls this technique "keyword stuffing" and condemns this practice as "black hat SEO for which you will get a penalty. Not having enough SEO keywords in the right places is also bad, since Google-bot will not know what your website is relevant for and your ranks will not improve if you talk about too much random stuff instead of focusing on a "theme" - or 1 products or service, rather than trying to be some generic market place like ebay - bad idea!

Fresh & Frequent Content

Having the perfect keyword density, meta SEO and a search engine friendly URL is not enough. SEO is an ongoing job and if you are too busy or lazy, then you mioght as well not even try it yourself. You can only complete with the biggies in SEO with frequent and fresh writing, writing and more typing! A blog or a forum is the easiest way to not have to do all the writing yourself. You can encourage others to write relevant content on your website. This is the method facebook, myspace and all other big website have reached, by getting other people to SEO their website and lean back and watch the ranks explode.


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