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SEO has become a very popular term these days.
Google SEO

Anyone that owns a website or has already done research about getting a website would have heard it once or twice before. Most medium and larger businesses are already engaging SEO services with some web design or SEO company.

As the title already says: the abbreviation stands for "Search Engine Optimisation" or often spelled "Search Engine Optimization" with a "z" (US version).

As you might have noticed, you are not the only plumber, electrician, general practitioner or solicitor that needs or already has a website, right? However Google page 1 only has 10 organic slots for 10 websites on the results page per keyword or combination of keywords. So how do you become one of these 10 so-called "free-search" results for your relevant search phrase? In saying that, large scale researches (look-up this phrase: "Google golden triangle") have discovered that only the top 4-5 results on Google page 1 reap over 95% of all clicks anyway so any rank below #5 is pretty much useless if you want to be driving a serious business through the internet.


Google Golden Triangle

Therefore you need your website to rank in the top 4-5 for a competitive key phrase such as "plumber Sydney" or "Melbourne solicitor" and complete now with 50-100 other plumbers in Sydney or solicitors in Melbourne. Google Golden Triangle Top RanksSounds like mission impossible right? Wrong!

You are lucky that you live in Australia and not in the USA or in the UK. Because in Australia 45 from these 50 plumbers are still relaxed and "laid back" and still don't even know what SEO is all about. Most Ausse small businesses are not investing pro-actively any money on "SEO", so you still have a good chance! These old and established businesses, although having a website, still get most of their business like they used to 10 years ago from yellow pages and word pf mouth. Therefore the internet has not yet become the main income stream for most existing businesses - In Australia that is! So the sooner you start to do SEO for your new start-up or existing website, the less likely will these 45 dreamers ever manage to catch up and "out-rank" you once you hit the top of Google if you had a the top ranks under your control first. Makes sense? Timing the key!

Talk to a professional today and don't wait another year or two before you find yourself in a USA-like situation where 50% of all competitors of your industry already engaged an SEO professional. That will make SEO for you much harder and more expensive and the top position will go to the company with the bigger SEO budget, and a small start-up company will have no chance anymore.


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