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Google Adwords (Pay-Per-Click)

Adwords is one of the most common "Pay-Per-Click" (PPC) online marketing strategies that will list your website on page one in Google instantly. however, it's not always the best strategy to get traffic. Adwords is also often referred to as "SEM", meaning: "Search Engine Google Adwords PPCMarketing", very unlike the organic SEO= Search Engine Optimisation. However, a combination of both is the best strategy for most internet based businesses in Australia.

You might have been offered free $50 or even $100 Google Adwords vouchers from various web designers or hosting companies as a bonus for signing up. This may sound like a very generous offer. Too good to be true? Well it is true but it's also dangerous and misleading. You do really get this free budget as they promise but be warned: However to begin you still need to enter your credit card details, you will be sucked into a money eating machine and once your free voucher expires (your Adowrds credit will be gone overnight if not done right) then the credit card will be charged to maintain your ads is you don't know how to set the frequency. rotation and daily budget.

You really need to engage a so-called "GAP Certified" and Qualified (Google Adwords Professional) Company like ours, to do at least the initial setup of your Adwords account. If you still think you want to manage it on your own, then you need to study 200-500 hours to also become GAP certified, or just let the Google pro's do their job and you focus on your own products or services.

Professional Adwords Management

There are many things the average person needs to learn before putting any Adwords campaign live. First and foremost: You need a large Adwords certifiedlist of so-called "Negative Keywords". Negative keywords such as e.g. "image", "joke" or "free" are keywords used by people you really want to avoid. So if someone was to search "plumbing joke", then you as a plumber really do not want ad to show and to pay for this click on your ad from this person. nobody will tell you these things. To avoid a click from this person, the word "-joke" (with the minus) needs to be in your very long and well prepared and cusomised negative list ( e.g for the plumbing industr neg. keywords like "-Sydney if you live in Melbourne,  or  "-drain unblocking" if you don't have the equipment for this service and so on). This is one of 5 major key setup tasks that neither Google Adwords will tell you during the sign up, nor the company that fave you a free voucher to burn.

Do yourself a favor and don't waste 20 hours setting up your Adwords account, because you will end up thinking that Adwords and pay-per-click is too expensive and you will never again try it or even ask anyone to do it for you. That's what happens to many people that think DIY will save them money. They have bad experience with Adwords chewing up $1000 in 3 days and never want to look back or read a page like this one.

Talk to us before your Adwords suicide attempt. I have to criticize Google at this point for advertizing Adwords as so easy and fast to setup which leads many start-up companies into a trap for weeks or even months of burning money.


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