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If you were planning on sending frequent email newsletters to your clients after your website goes live, then be sure to talk to us before you get a juicy fine from local authorities and your domain name penalised by google for breaking many laws.

You should know, that even if you were emailing a database of existing clients in the past and still haven't experienced any of the mentioned consequences, that you were just lucky that you haven't emailed the wrong person yet.

In Australia and in most modern industrial countries it is absolutely illegal to send out promotional emails to clients without a clear consent to receive newsletters AND without the easy option to 'unsubscribe' (link at the bottom of the email) from further newsletters. Fines can be as high as $10000 for not knowing these facts.

I am mentioning this because I have met many clients that were doing exactly that without a proper email newsletter management system in place that would prevent these dangers.

Email Newsletter Management Systems like Mailchimp or Constant Contact are designed to automate most of these advanced options for you to ensure you are not breaking any laws and regulations. You can ask clients to subscribe on your website by pre-checking the newsletter consent tick box while purchasing an item or downloading some freebie e-book. There are many ways to incentivise your traffic to sign up to your newsletter legitimately without breaking any laws. You can be as cheeky about it as you want, but you have to ensure that at some point of time, that person checked, or didn't un-check the option of receiving a newsletter from your domain email account, otherwise you are just asking for trouble.

Our favorite email newsletter system is called 'MailChimp'. it is much easier to use than Constant Contact, has a lot more options and template and Mailchimp is much cheaper as well (100% free for smaller website users!).

Mailchimp can be added to your Joomla, Wordpress or Magento website (and any other CMS or custom html website even). It wil automatically collect the client emails and names to specific email lists that you can categorise and target by category or other demographic filtering.

Therefore, if you are interested in emailing your clients professionally, ask us for a quote to plug-in MailChimp to your website while or even after it has been built. The costs is lower than you beleive and MailChimp is even totally free for small users that want to try it.


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