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Online Marketing (also called Internet Marketing) is the key to getting traffic (clicks) from to your homepage. This is what all 'Designer For Websites" services are all about. Before we even start building your website, we will advice you on a unique strategy depending on your online marketingindustry, your budget and your geographic target audience (one city or all Australia or maybe world wide?) There are many different online marketing strategies that are tailored from industry to industry differently, and with us you will get a lot of free advice and general 101 internet "must-know" information in advance no matter if you are our web design client or not.

Having a website alone is not going to do you any good unless you belong to one of the following two businesses: you are either already a very large company and have a large database of clients or you are a very successful and comfortable small company that gets enough business by word-of-mouth and you are not looking for more clients.

However, if you are a start-up company and you are hoping to escape employment and put your efforts into self-employment, then there is no way you can ever succeed without internet marketing. So before you get too excited about building a website, make sure you have allocated 75% of your budget into internet marketing and 25% for the website design.


Some people think that once they have built a website that Google or Bing will automatically deliver clicks and traffic to their homepage by just playing around with keywords in the titles and descriptions and meta keywords. Unfortunately those days are over and that's not going to happen. That might have been the case 15 years ago when there was only 1 plumber in Australia with a website, or even 10 years ago when there was only 1 plumber website in Melbourne. But today, there are at least 50 plumbers in Melbourne and over 100 in Sydney with websites. So how is google going to fit all these website on page 1 that only has 10 results in the free (organic) results and another 3-5 in the paid (sponsored) results? Well this is where services like "Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) or Search Engine Marketing (SEM; also called Pay Per Click)) are required for your website.

SEO and SEM are not the only methods of Internet Marketing but they are fundamental to get your first 100 clients or leads. Then after you have these clients or leads, you can learn more about retaining these clients or converting the leads into clients with strategies like Email marketing.

These and other online marketing campaigns such as Facebook advertising will get your website exposed to the right audience. The cost and the return of this investment can either make you or break you. The company you select is the key. Have a chat to us if you'd like to hear more...


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