Should you get a ".com" or a "" domain name?

Global .com TLD or a

I get often asked by new clients if they should get a .com TLD (top level domain) or a for their new website. The often reason by thinking that they want to grow to be international later down the track. My answer is always the same; First of all, having a .com does not mean that the website will rank internationally. .com's are in general USA TLD's and were never "international". This misconception came about when some big websites like or became so huge that many people beleive today that .com is some generic TLD for anyone wanting to be found world wide. This is wrong. If you are an Aussie with an Aussie business, please get yourself a and in the worse case if you can't find your available, then try and get it with a dash (-) or even a before you consider a .com. let me put it simple to understand:, will always relate any as being local and will rank it therefore higher than a If you have the dream of growing big and worldwide, then go ahead and reserve the .co, it's cheap enough (usually $12 per year) but you want to start growing locally before you dream the American dream.


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