Web Design is not Graphic Design

Graphic Design for Websites

Some people confuse the term "web design" with "graphic design"so we thought it's time to write a quick  blog post about this and to clarify the major difference.

Website design is generally split up into 2 categories.The most popular way of building website at a lower budget for small businesses is the "template web design". This for of creating a website is a lower budget and quick way of getting a very professionally looking website live o the internet in less than 4 weeks. There is no Graphic designer involved and the client can usually get away with a quote for under $2-$3000 for a basic website. You would ask for a template web design quote if it's just about getting a basic website up and running for a low cost.

The more advanced and also more expensive of web design, is the "custom website design". This is also not the job of a "graphic designer", however the client would ask to engage a graphic designer to prepare certain elements for homepage and other parts of the website.

The logo, some banners, buttons and some graphics for the slideshow and the header would need to be done by a graphic designer if the client has very specific design requirments about the look and feel of the website. The graphic designer would then work alongside a web designer. The web designer would then use all these elements and follow a certain "website wire-frame mockup" (skeleton drawing of all the borders, menus and sections) and create a website.

The price for custom website designs can vary from $4000 to $10000 and even higher. So if anyone told you that they had a website done for under $4000, chances are very high that this website was based on a preexisting and predesigned template.

A good web designer would not deliver the template as is. The client can still ask for colors, fonts and menus to be changed to suit the client. Then the template design becomes custom as well at a low cost which is also how we work.


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