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Have you ever bought something online using your phone? Or have you at least been using Google to find information or phone numbers using your mobile devise of any sort? If the answer is no, then you need to start doing that if you are planning to join the internet market.

It is important that you do some reading before getting a website done by just any Australian Web Design Company, and you need to understand the major differences in what you will be getting for your money. It is very important to do some patient and thorough research, but the sad truth is that most people just do everything in a rush and end up signing for a website design contract that they haven't fully understood or they haven't read it at all. Well here is freebie you get with us at no extra charge as a standard:

It's a Smartphone Mini-Website

This advanced technology that we (only) use for our clients ensures that you don't just pay for a website that you approved on your PC at home, no! You will get a website that will look awesome on any PC, Mac, iphone, Ipad, Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Note and even the cheapest touchscreen phone from China and your website will either adjust to a smaller format, or in the case of smartphone specifically, the website will actually change and show the user a second complete different "mini-website" layout.

The website homepage usually doesn't have everything that you can see with a bigger screen, but it will keep all important features like the search, the main navigation (in a mobile menu style) and especially the phone number "as a button" in the header that can just be clicked to call the business without having to remember the number, change screens and dialing it (as it still is on over 90% of all websites in Australia). We believe that this mobile friendly website layout can make a huge difference in the conversion rates for you and increase your business by another little push.

This and many other aspects are what make us stand out in this highly competitive website design market place. We deliver a full website job and think about everything and add all extras at no charge. We are always onto the newest technology and keep up to date and we regularly read about the near future. So we think ahead and do it right first time without you having to ask for awesome website features you might not even know that exist, and also without the big web design quote price tags :)

Why not talk to us now? Click on the orange bottom right corner of this web page to send us a message or give us a call and request your free web design quote today! Your email and your privacy are safe with us, you have our word!


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Mobile Responsive Website Design
Free Mobile 'App-Like' Website Design Have you ever bought something online using your phone? Or ha ..
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