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Bespoke Website Design

The difference between a template website design and a custom, or s-called "bespoke website design" are a few thousand dollars. The reason for that is because a graphic designer needs to be engaged to prepare the design mockup first, which later has to be converted to html, and that html would also have to be converted to become the compatible template format for the specific CMS (Content Management System) and the version used at the time (Joomla template format or wordpress template format).

There is however a solution for those who want a custom homepage, but don't want to pay for a bespoke web design. We call it "semi-custom template web design". A customised template costs about 20-30% more than a template design, but it will almost become a fully unique and custom design layout. There are obviously more limitations than if you asked for a fully custom website like a big company such as Sony or Mc Donalds would do, but your website will still look custom.

Talk to us today about a Semi-custom template design if you know that you will be very fussy about your website look and feel.


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