Choosing the right Web Designer for your project.

Dоеѕ thе designer ѕееm friendly аnd аrе thеу wіllіng tо answer аll оf уоur questions? Dо thеу respond promptly tо уоur emails and/or phone calls? Basically, іѕ thіѕ ѕоmеоnе уоu "click" with? Communication wіth уоur designer іѕ crucial. In achieving thіѕ goal, there's good news аnd bad news. Quіtе often, thеrе соuld bе features оr aspects оf thе quote thаn саn bе removed, оr modified, tо gеt thе project bасk wіthіn уоur budget - If уоu don't ask, you'll nеvеr know.  Thе hard part іѕ choosing thе rіght web designer fоr уоur individual project.  Fоr example, іf уоu аrе а real estate agent, аnd wаnt tо publish listings оn уоur web site, уоu ѕhоuld seek а web design company thаt knоwѕ аbоut thе real estate business аnd hаѕ created web pages fоr оthеr real estate agents.   Thе bеѕt pictures аrе оnеѕ tаkеn wіth а digital camera. Building аn effective web site nееd nоt bе expensive.  All web designers ѕhоuld hаvе аn online portfolio thаt уоu саn easily access. Sоmе companies wіll create  Content Management Systems (CMS).  Tаkе note оn whеthеr thе web designer offers аnу ideas оr suggestions whеn you're talking tо them.


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Mobile Responsive Website Design

Free Mobile 'App-Like' Website Design

Have you ever bought something online using your phone? Or have you at least been using Google to find information or phone numbers using your mobile devise of any sort? If the answer is no, then you need to start doing that if you are planning to join the internet market.

It is important that you do some reading before getting a website done by just any Australian Web Design Company, and you need to understand the major differences in what you will be getting for your money. It is very important to do some patient and thorough research, but the sad truth is that most people just do everything in a rush and end up signing for a website design contract that they haven't fully understood or they haven't read it at all. Well here is freebie you get with us at no extra charge as a standard:

It's a Smartphone Mini-Website

This advanced technology that we (only) use for our clients ensures that you don't just pay for a website that you approved on your PC at home, no! You will get a website that will look awesome on any PC, Mac, iphone, Ipad, Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Note and even the cheapest touchscreen phone from China and your website will either adjust to a smaller format, or in the case of smartphone specifically, the website will actually change and show the user a second complete different "mini-website" layout.

The website homepage usually doesn't have everything that you can see with a bigger screen, but it will keep all important features like the search, the main navigation (in a mobile menu style) and especially the phone number "as a button" in the header that can just be clicked to call the business without having to remember the number, change screens and dialing it (as it still is on over 90% of all websites in Australia). We believe that this mobile friendly website layout can make a huge difference in the conversion rates for you and increase your business by another little push.

This and many other aspects are what make us stand out in this highly competitive website design market place. We deliver a full website job and think about everything and add all extras at no charge. We are always onto the newest technology and keep up to date and we regularly read about the near future. So we think ahead and do it right first time without you having to ask for awesome website features you might not even know that exist, and also without the big web design quote price tags :)

Why not talk to us now? Click on the orange bottom right corner of this web page to send us a message or give us a call and request your free web design quote today! Your email and your privacy are safe with us, you have our word!

Web Design Australia vs. Offshore Freelancer

You might have asked yourself: "Why pay $2000++ AUD for a website locally if you can easily connect directly with some freelancer in India and pay half the price?" The answer is very simple. If you have nothing better to do than to spend 50 hours just to find the right freelancer for your website out of millions of freelancers in India that all claim they are the best, and then another 50 hours just to manage your project to a non-English native speaker, then yes this is a good solution that can save you $1000 AUD.You will have no guarantee, no mobile number to dial if something breaks down the track and no tribunal or court that can help you if you were cheated on with a incomplete or non functional website.

Local Australian Web Design

if you rather put your time into something you understand such as your own products or services, and let a web design company do the web designing, then you would be saving yourself a lot of time and possibly a heart decease in the long run.

Therefore we suggest to all those that are serious about a professional website design to contact Designer For Websites in Sydney for the peace of mind and to save time..and time is money!

PayPal vs. Credit Card Gateway

Ecommerce Website Payment Methods:

If you are planning to build an Online Shop, then you need to ask yourself the question: "Do I need an online merchant account, or do I just stick to Paypal?". You also have the option to use both which is the ideal answer, but setting up a merchant account for your website can cost a lot of money and you are also looking at monthly fees, from day one. So no matter how long it takes to start generating sales (usually a few months, or up to a year), you would be paying somewhere from $40- $100 per month to the credit card processing company. You would also need an ssl certificate (secure https pages) if you wanted your website customers to enter their Visa or Mastercard details onto your website directly. The ssl certificate also costs yearly from $100 - $1000... a lot of costs that you need to consider before making up your mind about what payment methods to offer your clients.

Pro's & Con's of only using Paypal on your Website


Paypal is rree to use

Paypal is easy and cheap to setup

Paypal offers a secure credit card checkout

Paypal also allows for non-paypal account holders to pay

Paypal accepts all major credit cards


Paypal charges high commissions per transaction

Many Aussies don't like to pay using paypal (true fact!)

Paypal always helps the client with refunds even if you posted the product so people can cheat on you easies than with a credit card merchant account
Paypal will cause you a lot of headache down the track once you generate a high volume of sales (read


We always advice all our ecommerce  web design clients the following:

If you have a small budget and you can't afford SEO or SEM then you should startup the first few months with Paypal and wait till you start getting daily orders. Once you have frequent orders that average over $1000 per month, then you are ready to talk to us about adding a secure credit card gateway to your website checkout.

But if you have a well planned business plan, and you know you want to generate sales from day one with SEO or SEM or maybe some offline advertising campaign like a radio or TV ad, then you should consider setting up a credit card gateway from the start to your website development.

I hope that this post can help you decide whether to use paypal at all, partially or in combination with a secure checkout. Contact us if you are ready to proceed and let us know if you still had any open questions to this topic.

Semi-Custom Web Design

Bespoke Website Design

The difference between a template website design and a custom, or s-called "bespoke website design" are a few thousand dollars. The reason for that is because a graphic designer needs to be engaged to prepare the design mockup first, which later has to be converted to html, and that html would also have to be converted to become the compatible template format for the specific CMS (Content Management System) and the version used at the time (Joomla template format or wordpress template format).

There is however a solution for those who want a custom homepage, but don't want to pay for a bespoke web design. We call it "semi-custom template web design". A customised template costs about 20-30% more than a template design, but it will almost become a fully unique and custom design layout. There are obviously more limitations than if you asked for a fully custom website like a big company such as Sony or Mc Donalds would do, but your website will still look custom.

Talk to us today about a Semi-custom template design if you know that you will be very fussy about your website look and feel.


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Choosing the right Web Designer for your project.
Dоеѕ thе designer ѕееm friendly аnd аrе thеу wіllіng tо answer аll оf уоur questi ..
Mobile Responsive Website Design
Free Mobile 'App-Like' Website Design Have you ever bought something online using your phone? Or ha ..
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