Plus vs. Like

Facebook Like or Google Plus?


Like me!...uhm, I meant: Plus me!

Wow - is this the way our Kids will talk soon? Maybe.

Facebook has reached a level of immortality and has become part of life now, if we "like" it or not. But now whats all the fuzz about Google +?? Seems to me as if Google is under a lot of pressure to keep up with the (potential) competition. Now that facebook is pretty much the second most visited website in the world after Google, theoretically it wouldn't take much that people will start to use Facebook one day to find the local plumber, map directions or food vouchers. Google should bow down to Facebook for not having taken this step (yet) and must react quickly and offer people something new, useful and overall: easy to use for any age - which I believe still seems to be the problem with "plus".

Google +Plus Benefits for SEO

It seems as if Google is rewarding more and more website owners with nice Page 1 ranks if they keep feeding their plus page, but if that's all this page is good for, then it won't take long that everyone catches up to this new age SEO, that might not even be relevant in 5 years from today if facebook decides to smack Google in the face like the image above is showing (notice the bleeding Google head lol).


Keyword Match Domain Names Do Still Work!

If you've been researching the  SEO effectiveness of keyword-match domain names, you might have read on some famous SEO blogs and reputable SEO websites, that the latest Google Panda and Google Penguin updates have made keyword match domain names redundant for SEO. However, we do not agree and it would be impossible to devalue all preexisting keyword match websites like or

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