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The first leaning process every new website owner should research is the "how-to choose the right web-space". Website hosting is the storage on  a secure server which is used to host and "power" up your website to make it available on the internet. Like a giant hard drive. Hosting is usually can either be shared with other websites, but you also have the option to pay extra and host your site alone on a unique IP address (Hosting with a so-called dedicated IP address needed when using ssl in ecommerce or other websites that demand higher security or advanced SEO).

You need to be sure that you have full control and that the host you select offers a good service such as security, website backup service, 7-day phone and email support, at least 99% up-time and fast servers before starting the web design and development on the wrong server which can cause huge damage later.

If you want to make sure you are making the right choices, you can't be too fast about just saying yes to next best web design company and you r responsible alone to research these things to make sure you are not saving $50 that will cost you thousands in damage later; often without even knowing. How? well you are not checking your website 24 hours per day and you wouldn't know that the website homepage cannot display in Perth or Tasmania or if it takes 40 seconds to load each page during peak hours or goes offline all night.

These and a few more classic indicators of a cheap host can cause your ranks in Google to drop and your sure won't impress many new potential customers. Some hosts don't even backup your website and when you get hacked then you just loose everything and have no way to recover without starting from scratch again.

One way to go safe is to pay a little extra per year for hosting and to sleep with peace of mind knowing that a local IT professional is managing your hosting and backups for you that you can reach by phone.

Ask us about our Managed Hosting Packages that you defeat all the risks above, are hosted locally on Aussie Servers (just like likes it), have 99.9% up-time and are super fast and you will have all your website divisions under one roof managed by 1 company that you can reach 365 days per year.



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