Tim from Melbourne:

I rank #2 in Google Australia for "Melbourne builder" and my website looks great!

Tim from Melbourne: Tim from Melbourne:

Meryem from Canberra:

Now we can accept flower deliveries 24/7 online and don't need to be on the phone all day!

Meryem from Canberra: Meryem from Canberra:

Eve from Sydney:

It's so easy to edit pages, upload images and post my menus anytime myself…

Eve from Sydney: Eve from Sydney:

Rudy from Auckland:

We rank #2 in for "Auckland plumber"! We highly recommend DFW!

Rudy from Auckland: Rudy from Auckland:

Donna from Brisbane:

Our website end result was better than we imagined at a very low cost…

Donna from Brisbane: Donna from Brisbane:

Ed from Melbourne:

I have a lot more time for the family thanks my new automated online booking system…

Ed from Melbourne: Ed from Melbourne:

Peter from Adelaide:

The design of my website compliments my business and I've had heaps of positive feedback…

Peter from Adelaide: Peter from Adelaide:

Mandy from Perth:

I've noticed a remarkable increase in business since my new website has launched…

Mandy from Perth: Mandy from Perth:

Mark from Auckland:

I hesitated at first but now I can't imagine what I would do now without a website...

Mark from Auckland: Mark from Auckland:

Website Designer & Developer Australia

Before wasting a lot of time and energy inquiring for web design quotes and negotiating prices, you will need to understand that even the best looking website can be very ugly in the eyes of search engine 'bots' like Google, Bing & Yahoo. If the website is not built by a company that puts the efforts in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) above a fancy website design and super advanced web development features, then you are most likely going to be another website out there in the dark with 2 "organic" clicks per month and all the other clicks are from word of mouth or from your own computer.

When websites are not ranking on page 1, or even in the top 5 in Google for some industry relevant, competitive and high volume keyphrase, then only expensive pay-per-click campaigns or other secular "offline advertising" such as print, tv or radio will get respectable quantities of website visitors to your homepage.

Therefore, you shouldn't put off learning "What is SEO" for later. If you are thinking: "Lets get the website done first and think about SEO later", then think again.


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